How to Join
Applications for membership are available at our lodge or online. Prospective members must be sponsored by three members before their application will be considered. Completed applications should be returned to the lodge. Elks Membership Application

Responsibilities of Membership
Our lodge promotes a wide array of charitable programs and social events throughout the year. The success of these programs is entirely dependent on member participation and volunteerism. We ask that each members serves on one or more committees and help out with events throughout the year.

Meeting Nights
Our lodge meets at 7:30 PM on the first and third Thursday of each month. We only meet once in July and August.

Our lodge dues are $65 annually. This helps fund our general operations of the local and grand lodge, building maintenance, lodge bulletins and your monthly magazine subscription. Dues can now be paid electronically.

Benefits of Membership
All members are eligible for the Grand Lodge discounts and lodge benefits such as:
  • Access to our membership network
  • Ability to use our facilities
  • Eligible to join the municipal credit union
  • Access to Elks College Scholarships
  • Privileges at over 2,000 Elks Lodges in the United States
  • Admittance to our private bar during seasonal hours of operation